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UK Athletics qualified Running Coach for Lincoln and the surrounding areas


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“I love it when people realise that they don’t have to make massive changes to their running to see improvement. It’s so rewarding!”

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How did you get into running?
“I’ve always run a bit, but it was volunteering at the London Marathon that convinced me to take it up seriously. Handing out water all day was such hard work that I figured running it must be easier, so I started training and the rest is history; I was hooked.”

What’s your coaching history?
“I’ve coached all sorts of people, from complete beginners wanting to run their first 5K to more experienced runners looking for long-distance PBs. I’ve worked with people training for road events and runners who prefer to be off-road. As well as coaching on a 1:1 level, I’m a coach for my running club too.”

What makes you most proud as a Coach?
“Empowering people to take ownership of their training is really important to me. Every time I’m out for a run myself and I bump into one of my clients putting into practice something I have worked on with them, I feel so very proud.”

Coach Rachel coaches runners of all ability levels, and is available across Lincoln and the surrounding areas.

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What do runners commonly neglect?
“I see so many runners who overlook warming up (I know because I used to be one of them!) They are so keen to get in the miles that they miss the opportunity to prepare their bodies properly before they begin. A good warm-up helps you run more efficiently, faster, and for longer, there’s no doubt about it.”

What’s your favourite thing to eat after a run?
“If I could choose anything, it would have to be tomato soup and a cheese sandwich! It’s tasty, warm and filling and a bit salty too – perfect for refuelling after a long winter run. A piece of homemade chocolate flapjack afterwards always goes down well too!”

Part of We Run’s UK-wide Coaching Team, Coach Rachel helps runners across Lincoln to improve their running

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